Taking Nonprofits
From Mired to Inspired

Ready to refresh, revitalize, rebuild your nonprofit organization’s fundraising efforts? Since 2007, I’ve helped numerous organizations take their fundraising efforts--and their boards--from mired to inspired.

My clients include organizations dedicated to education, youth services, social services, the arts, health, and the environment. These nonprofits are big and small, established organizations and start-ups.  I’m committed to meeting you where you are and helping you move to where you want to be. Learn more about the organizations I work with.

Realize the full potential of your fundraising efforts. Together, we’ll build strategies that will empower your staff and develop your board. Learn more about my services.


What We Do



Set a course for your fundraising


Custom Training & Workshops

Boost fundraising with custom skills training


Board Development

Investing in your board yields healthy returns


Strategic Planning

Head your team in the direction of success


Our Clients

The expertise and guidance we deliver sparks referrals and repeat business. Many clients, in a variety of fields, engage us again and again.