TWO Steps to Fundraising Success

Yes, you read that right—two, count them: One, Two—steps to fundraising success.  Do these two things and I guarantee, absolutely, that you will have success. Ready?  Okay,  Here goes:

  1. Do something.  Stop talking about what you will do, could do, might do.  Stop waiting for your Board to do it, or your ED (or, if you are the Board or the ED, the Development Director).  Fundraising is everyone’s job.  You all need to identify prospects, share information about them, make them feel good about the organization. And you need to do it today.
  2. Be consistent.  Once you start doing it, keep at it.  Don’t start and stop  Don’t rethink what you are doing and decide that maybe, perhaps you should do something else.  Just keep doing whatever it is you started doing.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do additional things.  Indeed, you probably need to do more than one thing—but make sure first that you are doing that one thing.  It all starts there.

That’s it.  That's the whole deal.


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