Like a computer that sometimes freezes, I was feeling in need of a reboot. Fortunately, I had a two-week trip to London, now almost at an end, planned. London for the past few years has been a semi-regular thing, but usually for two months as my husband teaches a study abroad summer semester there. But the housing is awful, he’s working and not so much fun, and two months is a long time away from my business. So this year, two weeks in the middle of his stay seemed ideal. And it has been.

While I have been in e-communication with many of my clients and I have worked on creating a new and updating two older workshops, mainly I’ve been walking around London, doing some new things I’ve not done before and deciding which restaurant we will eat in for lunch and dinner.

It’s been amazingly relaxing.

And now I am actually looking forward to getting back to work.

All this has made me think about my clients who are also in need of a reboot. Things are not going well or as well as they would like, and instead of thinking what they could be doing differently, they are stuck at (sometimes frantically) doing more of whatever it is that they’ve been doing and not so successfully. They cannot get their arms around the new plan we’ve developed, or consider the altered techniques we’ve identified. They keep going round and round on that treadmill, to busy running in place to see that they are not moving forward.

If this is you, STOP! Take a break. Reboot yourself. The time off will be well spent as you’ll come back feeling refreshed and able to consider what really needs to be done.

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