What You Need for Successful Fundraising

Gak! It’s been almost 10 days since I posted a blog. That might be a record for me. But it ISgains the end of the year. And it HAS BEEN 8 years of writing, always weekly, often twice a week. Sometimes I feel that I have said it all. Multiple times. And then I remember that the typical person needs to see or hear something 11 times before it is actually seen or heard. So saying it again isn’t a bad thing. Which is what I tell my clients. Success in fundraising is basically about being consistent. Trying something just once will not bring in a waterfall of revenue. It takes repetition. You must repeatedly make your case—why giving to your organization is important to the donor or funder.

Read that again. At least 11 times. Can you tell what is important about what I said? Right. #1: You must make your case repeatedly.

#2: Your case is NOT about why you need the funds. Frankly, it’s not even about why your clients need it. It IS about why the donor needs to support you.

Being consistent (saying it often) and being donor-centric.

Two things to think about as we head into this New Year.



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