When Direct Mail Appeals Go Sadly Wrong

Dear "SALU" said the appeal, obviously missing the important step of mail merge.  Dear SALU, alas, wasn't the only error.  The next sentence asked me--as a regular donor--to continue helping to do what they do.  But I'm not a regular donor.  In fact, I've never donated, though I am a member--and my membership makes clear that there is no part of my dues that allow a charitable deduction.

Finally, the request was to continue donating to something they do because THEY think it is important.  What about me--the donor?  Do I count?  Does it matter if I think it is important?  Clearly not, and because they so obviously don't care about me, it is hard for me to care about them.

I suspect if I had an inkling of what the support would accomplish, I might be moved to give.  But simply telling me how many in this case students received services, is for me at least, meaningless.  Did they want the services?  Did they benefit from them?  If so, how so?

Okay.  You get the picture, I hope.

To make your appeal effective:

  1. Make it personal.  That means that yes, mail merge, and yes again, make sure it is set correctly
  2. If you are segmenting, make sure the segments are correct.  If you are not, then be more general--you support will make a difference.  Of course, gratitude helps, so if you can segment do so.  If you can't, do thank all those who have supported our work in the past.
  3. Show me how my gift will make a difference.  Telling me how many people will be served only matters if you compare it to where you were. "Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we've been able to double the number of people.....". Now I see that my gift has impact.  More importantly, show me how it makes a difference.

Direct mail, at best has a small effective rate.  Make sure you are making it as effective as possible by doing things happily right.

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